2013 – 2019
Studied art history and philosophy at the Free University of Berlin
MA Art History (FU Berlin)
Since 2020
University of the Arts Berlin (working on dissertation on the digital catalogue raisonné)

AWARDS (Selection)

2018 Project funding by the district of Mitte/Wedding, Berlin,
Urban development funding programme Active city centers
2017 Nominated for the AOK Art Prize
2013 Project funding by the district of Reinickendorf, Berlin
2004 Special Prize of the 3rd Lessedra World Art Print Annual, Bulgaria

EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2023 Gallery in the South Hall of the Town Hall Reinickendorf, Berlin
2022 Galerie Orange, Berlin Pankow (S)
2021 Galerie Blickwinkel, Schwerin (E)
Artist Speed ​​Dating, Organization Women’s Museum Berlin,
48 hoursNeukölln
2017 Nettersheim Cultural Station
2016 Green Hill Gallery, Berlin ; Galerie Vinogradov, Berlin
2015 It Doesn’t Matter – Curatorial Projects, Berlin;
Historic Church of Roddahn, Neustadt (Dosse) (E)
2014 Grimma Monastery near Leipzig; Galerie Wedding,
Berlin; Museum of Fine Arts, Dresden
2013 Irish Embassy, ​​Berlin (E)
2012 Galerie Faszination Art, Hamburg (E)
Municipal Gallery Berlin Reinickendorf
2011 Mittelahr Art Association, Altenahr (E)
2010 Turmgalerie, Imst, Austria (E); Gutshaus Steglitz, Berlin (P)
2009 Women's Museum Bonn, jury decision
2008 Johann Kentmann Art Association, Torgau (E)
Munich Art Fair via Galerie Angelika Bläser
2007 Municipal Gallery South, Magdeburg (E)
Schleswig-Holstein House, Schwerin, museum (E)
2006 German House Gallery,
871 United Nations Plaza, New York, USA, Catalog (P)
Galerie Wollhalle, Güstrow, jury decision
2005 Galerie Kass, Innsbruck, Austria
2004 Museum of Work, Hamburg, Print Art;
National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
Women's Museum Bonn, jury decision
2003 Art Office Mitte, Teahouse Tiergarten, Berlin (E);
Oper Leipzig, jury decision bbk Sachsen

PUBLICATIONS (selection)

2022 The Art of Etching, Munich (1st edition 2012),
Edition Michael Fischer Verlag, 128 pages

2020 SUSANNE HAUN | Exhibition 2013 – 2020, Neuroddahn,
Eichhörnchenverlag, 52 pages, with texts by Meike Lander,
Nina Alice Schuchard, Cristina Wiedebusch

2016 The Color in Drawing, Munich,
Edition Michael Fischer Verlag, 96 pages

2013 Demons, Berlin, curach bhán publications, Cultural Studies &
Art, 64 pages

2012 Wood and linocut, Munich, Edition Michael Fischer Verlag, 96 pages


2020 Organization of My Wedding 2020
            on behalf of the district of Berlin Mitte-Wedding

2014 Albrecht Dürer – 500 Years of Master Prints, Kupferstichkabinett Berlin in the
Gemäldegalerie, student project with the Kolleg-
Research group “BildEvidenz” at the FU Berlin

2013 Goodby Tegel – A project of the Reinickendorf Art Office
National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria2020 Organisation of My

2014 Cabinet exhibition at the Gemäldegalerie Berlin,
Albrecht Dürer. 500 years of master engravings, 21.1. – 23.3.2014

2013 Goodbye Tegel – A project by the art office of the district of Berlin Reinickendorf